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How to sheet metal processing staff to deal with the opportunities and challenges of the factory

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How to sheet metal processing staff to deal with the opportunities and challenges of the factory

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澳门新葡京线上官网 How to sheet metal processing staff to deal with the opportunities and challenges of the factory

Ultrasonic cutting characteristics of ultrasonic cutting with incision smooth, reliable, accuratecutting edge, not deformation, not become warped edge, pilling snagging, fold, etc.. Avoid the"laser cutting machine" exists in the cutting edge roughness, coke side, pilling shortcomings, butultrasonic cutting machine in automation at present than laser cutting confidential difficult, so the efficiency of the current laser cutting than ultrasonic cutting high. The three way to cut each have their own advantages and disadvantages, we apply mainly to see in what place, if you want to lower cost and cold knife using laser cutting compared with the use cost; as to the development of high-end market, see meaning you use ultrasonic cutting mode, the selvageedge effect of ultrasonic cutting laser cutting can not more than this is the machine, determined,and ultrasonic can do perfect edge clean cloth and embossing of clean cloth, this is a laser can not do, in fact, the high cost of ultrasonic cutting is the fact, used in the production also a run in period. The three ways of cost differences, cloth cutting factory may according to need to buytheir own production Fe2O3

So called oxide, oxide skin. Oxide skin produce will increase the metal loss. The oxidation burning loss of Suzhou metal processing general intermittent flame heating furnace rate,induction heating is smaller than in addition, oxidation wear leather will aggravate the mould,reduce the accuracy of forgings and lead to rough surface, thereby increasing the machining allowance of mechanical processing, increased material consumption. Oxide skin also impede heat conduction, extend the heating time, the influence of mechanical operation life of bottomand industrial furnace.

Oxidative addition oxidation skin, but also reduce the surface layer of the carbon content of steel, the formation of decarburized layer, reduce the forging surface hardness and strength.Oxide skin more unfavourable for precision forging. In order to avoid or reduce the oxidationcaused by various problems and losses, since twentieth Century the people of the scale-free heating for forging billet made a lot of research, the research results have been used in theindustrial production of sheet metal processing technology.

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