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Now Ningbo sheet metal processing factory cost which aspects of sheet metal parts

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Now Ningbo sheet metal processing factory cost which aspects of sheet metal parts

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澳门新葡京线上官网 Now Ningbo sheet metal processing factory cost which aspects of sheet metal parts

Laser cladding (also known as the laser welding) refers to the addition of different methods in the coating material is placed on the selection of substrate cladding, with high energy densitylaser beam irradiation heating, make and substrate surface melting, and rapid solidification, thus forming process and for the metallurgical junction surface coating on the surface of the substrate bonding. Laser cladding has the following advantages: 1) laser beam of high energy density, Ningbo metal processing fast heating, heat has little effect on substrate, small deformation caused by the workpiece; 2) input energy control of the laser, can be the dilution effect of substrate limitation in a very low degree (usually 2%-8%), so as to maintain the excellent performance of the original cladding materials; 3) between the laser cladding coatingfirmly bonded with the substrate (metallurgy combination), and organization of cladding coatingfine. These features make the laser cladding technology in recent ten years in material surface modification is highly appreciated. The excellent properties of deposited material. Substratesurface cladding will constitute a new composite material, it significantly enhances the surfaceproperties of the base material, by the service environment, by selecting different claddingmaterials can be prepared heat, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance andanti fatigue surface protective cladding layer, flexible and convenient, greatly reducing themanufacturing cost workpiece. Laser surface modification is applied to the shaft, auto mould,gear and other components of the surface protection and sheet metal processing factory of Ningbo phase change heat treatment and cladding and repair, using manufacturing parts and components not only performance beyond the traditional manufacturing process of partssurface enhanced laser cladding technology, at the same time as the material and processingadvantages, the cost of production to reduce 20%~40%, the production cycle is shortenedabout 80%. In today's advocacy of green remanufacturing and energy saving and environmental protection of the environment, we can foresee the laser deposited will have broad market prospects

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