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CNC milling machine and ordinary processing put forward higher requirements on the tool!

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CNC milling machine and ordinary processing put forward higher requirements on the tool!

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澳门新葡京线上官网 Compared with the common processing method of CNC milling machine, CNC machining has put forward higher requirements for the tool, not only need good rigidity, high precision, but also requires the size stability, high durability, cutting and chip removal performance is good; at the same time requirements of convenient installation and adjustment, thus to meet the requirement of High Efficiency NC machine bed. The selected tool CNC machine tools often used adapted to high speed cutting tool materials (such as high-speed steel, ultra fine grained cemented carbideindexable inserts and use). Turning tool commonly used tool and choosing the numerical control turning generally pointed tool, circular lathe tool and the molding tool class three.

Choose CNC CNC milling fixture has two major requirements on fixture: one is the fixture should have sufficient accuracy and stiffness; two is a positioning reference fixture should be reliable.Selection of fixture, usually consider the following points: try to use adjustable fixture, fixture and other common fixture, avoid using special fixture, to shorten the preparation time of production.In the mass production to consider the use of special fixture, and strive to simple structure.Loading and unloading workpiece to be conveniently and rapidly, in order to reduce downtime of the machine tool. The fixture is arranged on the machine tool must be accurate and reliable, to ensure that the workpiece in the correct position.

Clamp type CNC lathe CNC milling fixture basically has two kinds: one kind is used for disc typeor short shaft parts, the workpiece fixture in the band adjustable chuck jaws (three claw, four claw), by chuck drive rotation; another kind is used for shaft parts, blank is mounted on the spindle the top and the tailstock, the rotation of the workpiece chuck spindle drive on the toggle.Fixture for NC milling machine, typically installed in the table, the form according to the characteristics of the processed workpiece can be varied. Such as: Universal bench vice, NCindexing table etc..

Method of mounting parts installation of CNC machine tool CNC milling the same with ordinarymachine tool, a reasonable choice of positioning and clamping the base scheme, pay attention to the following two points: the unification datum to the design, technology and programmingcalculation, this is a simple and accurate numerical calculation of benefit when programming. Try to reduce clamping times, as far as possible in a positioning fixture, processing all machined surface.

In addition, the tool of choice, before use are to be carried out in strict measurement of tool size to obtain accurate data, and these data by the operator input data system, through procedure calls and finish machining process, thus produce the qualified workpiece.

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