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Gold metal for sheet metal definition

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Gold metal for sheet metal definition

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澳门新葡京线上官网 Sheet metal so far there is not a complete definition

According to a definition of a foreign professional journals can be defined as: sheet metal in sheet metal (usually below 6mm) a cold working process, including shear, Chong / cut / composite, folding, welding, riveting, stitching, forming (such as auto body) etc.. Its notable features is the same thickness of the same parts.

Sheet metal sometimes also golden wrench, the word comes from the English platemetal, is generally some sheet metal stamping die by hand or the plastic deformation, the formation of the desired shape and size, and further to form more complex parts by welding or machining a few, such as chimney, commonly used in life tin furnace, car plates are the pieces of shell.

Sheet metal processing called sheet metal processing. For example, the use of specific sheet metal production of the chimney, drums, tank Youhu, ventilation pipe, elbow reducer, park days,funnel shape, the main process is shear, bending, bending, buckling edge welding, riveting,requires a certain knowledge of geometry.

Sheet metal pieces of hardware that is thin, is also may be processed by stamping, bending,stretching and other means of parts, a broad definition is -

In the machining process with constant thickness parts. The corresponding casting parts,forging parts, machining parts, such as the car outside the Tieke sheet metal, stainless steelkitchenware also do some sheet metal parts.

The 1 is a processing method of vehicle maintenance and repair, also called cold.

Frankly, if the appearance of the body damage and deformation, requires the process to restore the original appearance of sheet metal.

Basically is a hammer. Different shapes of the hammer, in sheet metal parts back cushion block,repeated strokes, the molding.

When necessary, also used the appearance of repair device. This thing is actually belongs towelding. The ring welding on the body, with a hook to pull. Used to repair sunken parts.

Large area flat body generally difficult to get, so sometimes also used the fire. Is the localcooling after heating, the iron shrinkage.

The ultimate goal is to restore the damaged body.

2 metal sheet, namely: plate, sheet of Italy, is the series of processing means of thin sheet metal, including folding, cutting, punching, welding, riveting, mosaic process

3 this is a design module, is targeted mainly with iron material stuff to do. He doesn't like entity,entity thickness change, but sheet metal do are basically the same thickness, there are manymade of sheet metal products in life.

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