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Sheet metal forming process of sheet metal processing factory code

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Sheet metal forming process of sheet metal processing factory code

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澳门新葡京线上官网 1 scope of application

Shearing of the material blank line edge 1.1 this code applies to all kinds of black metal andother similar material.

1.2 cut the material thickness basic size of 0.5 mm to 6 mm, the maximum width of 2500 mm.

2 material

2.1 materials should meet the requirements of technical terms.

2.2 material for cold rolling steel plate, the surface has a serious abrasion, slip mark, impurities,rust is not allowed.

3 equipment and process equipment and tools.

3.1 board, pliers, Youhu, screwdriver, hammer.

3.2 vernier caliper, micrometer diameter, steel ruler, steel tape measure, square, stylus.

4 process preparation

4.1 familiar with drawings and relevant technical requirements, fully understand the shapes and sizes of parts processing requirements.

4.2 according to the drawing requirements specification of material requisition, and check whether the material meets the technological requirements.

4.3 in order to reduce consumption, improve the utilization rate of material, must be reasonablecalculation to take cutting method.

4.4 will be qualified materials neatly stacked on the machine side.

4.5 give shears each hole gas.

4.6 check the shear blade whether sharp and firm fastening, and the thickness of blade clearance adjustment by the board.

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