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On the process of laser cutting machine of sheet metal processing introduction

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On the process of laser cutting machine of sheet metal processing introduction

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澳门新葡京线上官网 Ningbo ludiclothing on sheet metal laser cutting machine technology introduction

For 80.5mm--86mm thick plate. The majority of thermal cutting technology are required to weara hole in the plate. Laser punching compound machine is a hole with punch out first. Then from Kong Chu to start cutting laser. Laser punching device for not cutting machine general basic method for pulse perforation -- pulse perforation: initial metal on 10.6urn laser beam absorptionrate of only 0.5% ~ 10%. When irradiated with focused laser beam power density of more than 106W/cm2 to the metal surface. But in the microsecond time very quickly to the surface began to melt. Commonly used in air or nitrogen gas as auxiliary, each pulse laser produced only small particle injection. Gradually thorough, so the plate wear alone L time need a few seconds. Once the perforation completion, will be immediately replaced the oxygen cutting auxiliary gas.

When the laser beam power density of the incident more than a certain value. The beamirradiation point inside the material begins to evaporate, pore formation. It will serve as a blackbody absorption of incident beam energy all. Small holes are surrounded by molten substances. Then. And auxiliary flow beam coaxial take the molten material around the void.With the movement of the workpiece, cutting holes according to the direction of synchronous sliding form a cutting seam. Nitrogen generally use gas cutting.

Fusion cutting the general use of inert gas, if replaced by oxygen or other active gas. The material in the laser beam irradiation and oxygen chemical reaction fierce and produce anothersource, said cutting for the oxidation of melting. Oxygen use gas cutting

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